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Viel Spass beim lesen und schreibt was ins Gästebuch
DIARY: The Outdoor Trip from the 5th to the 7th August 2007


1st Day: Sunday:

We met at 8.00 in the morning, so I had to stand up very early and forgot a lot of things, why I had to run home again. At 8.30 we went on the very “comfortable” busses and drove to Kahurangi National park. On the way we stopped at a little café what allowed us to drink a coffee to wake up a little and to use the flush toilet the last time for the next few days. After the busses took the last power from the engine to carry us up steep small streets to the beginning of our track, we took our backpacks and prepared ourselves. The Brazilians were very impressed, because they could see the first snow falling at that height. After we tramped about 2 hours to the first hut, we could take a little break, eat the first of our million chocolate bars and then we were divided into 2 groups for the rest of the journey. The track went through beautiful rainforests, deep rivers (which led to wet feet for everybody) and over high, shaky hanging bridges.

The next break was under a rock shelter, where Moritz got rid of his sausage, because everyone wanted a “little” piece. Then we went over the 2nd and last hanging bridge and up to then we had to walk up. On the way strange discussions about the little boxes with the eggs on the side of the track, the jumping, climbing and diving under fallen trees didn’t let us feel bored. After the next break, which became shorter due to the falling temperature we reached the high plateau, which was covered by huge amounts of snow.  


After another hour (or two?) of tramping we finally reached Salisbury hut. The first group was already there, the floor wet and the heater switched on highly.

After we chose our sleeping place and turned off our wet clothes, we cooked our dinner. The smell of many different and delicious foods was in the room. After that the group sat together, made jokes, had fun and a camp-fire mood was spread. After that it was bed time (okay honestly we didn’t really sleep, but lying in the bed and kept talking until Mr.Gorman finally told us to sleep now!)


2nd Day: Monday:

Woken up by the little conversation of out teachers at 7.00 (!!!!) we all couldn’t sleep anymore and had some breakfast. At about 9.30 or 10.00 we all prepared ourselves for the journey through the deep snow outside. The hunt for plastic bags began to have dry feet.


This ended up in a very coloured group with a strange style. After we made up our great outfit, we went outside and started our tramp. The parts through the forests were made very wet by falling snow avalanches from the trees, caused by certain boys at the end of the group, after a lot of snowball fights we reached a little cave, where we made a break and tried to sing the Lord of the Rings melody. Mr.Gorman and the kiwi girls left us and the rest of the group started to build a snowman,


 while some people buried me under snow.  Then the whole group came together again and nearly all the group tried to go (go is the wrong expression here) through a very small and long cave. The most people locked like pigs after they came out, but it should be noticed, that they all had a big smile in their face (especially when Constantin lost his trousers). After that we went back to Salisbury Lodge and then we had to decide if we wanted to stay there or sleep outside under a rock shelter. The group divided and the one half packed their stuff up within 30minutes. I was with the group which stayed in the Lodge. The rest of the day we ate pasta and played carts. My stomach hurt a lot so that I not really could catch some sleep.


3rd Day: Tuesday:

The next morning we recognized that it was unusual warm in the hut. We had left the heater on what wasn’t that bad, because it was nice and warm and all our clothes were completely dry. After a strong breakfast we packed up all our stuff and cleaned the hut. I had to leave my little Snowman at the steps near the entry, what made me really sad. We tramped to the beautiful deep snow and watched the sunrise behind the hills and took a lot of great photos.  


The way down the high plateau was much easier and not that exhausting, but maybe that was also because we had eaten up all the food and our backpacks got much lighter. We made a little break again under the rock shelter and ate the last bars. Our last break was at the hut, where we stopped the first time two days ago. There we met the other half of the group, who cooked their lunch there. I laid down a little and unfortunately I couldn’t enjoy the journey back, because of my bad stomach. Back at the busses we had a last look at the mountains, the weather was beautiful, sunny and we could see everything very well.

On the way back we stopped at the café again and had a last coffee together. Back at school we met all the others and told the next group to take lots of plastic bags.

All in all I really enjoyed that trip (except the part with my stomach) and I would always do it again, I am really looking forward to the next trip!!! At this part: Thanks to our teachers and to all the other students! It was great!!!!!


Diary by Theresa Ohm

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